Marktown Historic District Plan

Marktown was built by Chicago industrialist Clayton Mark in 1917. The District was intended to provide quality worker housing for the employees of the newly formed Mark Manufacturing Company, a steel producing facility near the shores of Lake Michigan and adjacent to the Indiana Harbor Ship Canal. Chicago architect Howard Van Doren Shaw designed the housing, schools, commercial properties and other amenities. After World War I, the completion of the project was reduced to less than 8% of the proposed properties designed to be built.

The City of East Chicago, Indiana commissioned Bauer Latoza Studio to create a redevelopment and revitalization plan for the Marktown Historic District, to define the parameters of a revitalization strategy for Marktown.

  • Client: City of East Chicago, Indiana
  • Project Address: Marktown Historic District, East Chicago, Indiana
  • Project Size: Approximately 48 acres: 200 homes, 3 commercial buildings
  • Services Provided: Data Collection and Analysis, Market Assessment, Visual Preference Survey, Public Collaboration, Concept Plan Scenarios, Implementation Strategy, Final Plan Report