Sustainable Design and LEED

Our commitment to sustainable design practices is evident in all of our projects as they seek to provide responsible solutions which support long-term building stewardship. With or without LEED certification, each design considers the impact of energy efficiency, waste management, community connectivity, life-cycle and maintenance costs, and occupant comfort.

LEED Projects

  • Project Title LEED Rating
  • 9th District Chicago Police Station Gold
  • 23rd District Chicago Police Station Goal of Gold
  • Chicago Fire Department Engine Company 70 Silver
  • Chicago Fire Department Engine Company 121 Silver
  • Chicago Public Libraries, Avalon Library LEED Certified
  • Chicago Public Libraries, Greater Grand Crossing  Goal of Silver
  • Chicago Public Libraries, West Humboldt Goal of Silver
  • Chicago Public Schools, Albany Park Middle School LEED Certified
  • DuSable Museum Roundhouse Goal of Silver
  • National Park Service – Nauset Light and Goal of Silver
    Herring Cove Beach Facilities (Cape Cod)
  • University of Chicago IT Services Gold Commercial Interiors
  • UNO Veterans Memorial School Campus Gold
  • Westinghouse High School Goal of Silver