Additional Building Evaluations & Triage



Columbia College: Façade Inspections, Chicago, Illinois

Bauer Latoza Studio performs periodic façade and fire escape examinations for Columbia College high-rise properties, in accordance with the City of Chicago’s Exterior Wall Maintenance Ordinance. Swing-stage drops allow us hands-on inspections of the required 100% of the terracotta and 50% of other façade elements. Comprehensive reports follow to meet the City Ordinance and to assist with plans for future repairs.

  • Client: Columbia College
  • Project Address: 6 buildings within the Chicago Loop
  • Project Size: Six high-rise buildings totaling 800,000 square feet
  • Construction Cost: N/A
  • Services Provided: Critical Examination, Critical Report


Cook County Hospital, Chicago, Illinois

As historical consultant for the Stroger Hospital Campus Master Plan, Bauer Latoza Studio investigated the condition of existing buildings and their systems, examining suitability and efficiency toward potential uses. Both quantitative and qualitative criteria were established to determine feasibility of reuse for healthcare-related needs such as administrative office space.

  • Client: Perkins & Will/US Equities
  • Project Address: 1901 W. Harrison Street, Chicago, Illinois
  • Project Size: 1.2 million square feet
  • Construction Cost: $120 million
  • Services Provided: Historical Architect and Materials Conservator


1006 South Michigan Avenue: Façade Inspection, Chicago, Illinois

In compliance with the City of Chicago’s Exterior Wall Maintenance Ordinance, Bauer Latoza Studio performed the critical examination of the building facades at 1006 S. Michigan Avenue. Conducted via nine swing-stage drops with eight inspection openings, the examination and subsequent report documented the condition of all terracotta aspects and supporting masonry and structural elements.

  • Client: Lightner Enterprises, Inc.
  • Project Address: 1006 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois
  • Project Size: 79,872 square feet/8 stories
  • Construction Cost: N/A
  • Services Provided: Critical Examination, Critical Report


Ralph J. Pomeroy Apartments: Chicago Housing Authority Senior Housing, Chicago, Illinois

Constructed in 1923, Pomeroy Apartments is a nine-story brick building operating as senior housing for the CHA. Bauer Latoza Studio performed a facade Critical Examination that identified exterior building components in need of immediate repair. We acted quickly to identify the causes of deterioration, developed construction documents, and provided construction administration.

  • Client: Chicago Housing Authority
  • Project Address: 1039 W. Hollywood Avenue, Chicago, Illinois
  • Project Size: 110,000 square feet
  • Construction Cost: N/A
  • Services Provided: Façade Inspection, Design Documents, Prioritized Bidding, Construction Documents, Expedited Schedule, Construction Administration